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Unigoal apps is live on playstore you can download it here.

Timeline App:

Messenger App:

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About commenting

You don't have to always post if you have no idea or nothing at all to share at the moment. You can always interact with others users post and give opinions about their posts.

For this reason we made comments the highest points. However, we seriously watched out for opportunists that spam in order to earn points by making irrelevant comments on posts, they will be flagged always.

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Important information

To everyone unable to use our app therefore lacking the easy access that comes with it, no need to panic.
You can always use the website to earn, we will be considering a lite version for us soon after the release of iOS app.
You can earn just as much with the site still.

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Let us know

8 months ago

How many of us are using the app yet?

I'm using the app
I'm not using it yet.
It doesn't install on my phone
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Hello UG users, we already anticipated the nonchalancy of certain few. Those that abuse system.

Users that spam - not posting real content, copy and paste same thing throughout, poor photo quality etc.

We see them and we know them, they don't heed correction.

Like we said all is free to use this social media as they like but only quality content and those who don't default will be rewarded fully.

Review will be made before payout and spam earnings subtracted.

Thanks for your support and understanding.

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Hello Mr Ajiboye Emmanuel, we have previously warned you about abusing our blog space. And now you have defaulted again, so we are left to take action. But consider this a another warning.
Subsequent we won't make such announcements, we just go upright and ban or delete user. Let's be guided as we won't always explain our decisions in this manner going forward. With ajiboye Emmanuel Oloruntoba


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