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UG Giveaway!!!

The competition is officially on.
$500 at stake here.
1st 3 account only, may be increased subsequently to allow for more winners.

UG Giveaway!!!

Get your link here 馃憠馃憠馃憠 https://unigoal.net/setting/affiliates

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Minimum payout is NGN5000.
This means you made at least 14500 points in the month of May.

If you didn't meet May quota don't request or your points will be lost and cannot be reversed.

Only those who made the minimum quota in May should request. After which, further scrutinization of one's activities to check for defaults.

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We are working on improving user's friendly service. We are still here.

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Stern Warning 鈿

We are using the medium to appreciate users that contribute in every way to our community.

But also seriously warning those that thinks there's a short-cut around earning points.

Unigoal allows you to post and share whatever appeals to you as long it's doesn't goes against our regulations, but only meaningful post will be rewarded.

Informative posts
Educational posts
News worthy posts
Lifestyle Photos
Personal photos
Memes. .. etc...

Any posts made by users that are not conveying any purpose is flagged by the system and our various admins in your midst as spams. And it will be reviewed when the user requests for payments.

Many users are so far guilty of spamming, not sharing real and quality content. They focus on just on earnings and forget to use our system as befitting, therefore other users are not benefitting from them and they are not socializing. This also includes spam comments that are not related to the posts in anyway.

We call for users to not abuse the system. We are very strict in following our rules, especially against spamming. Thank you for your understanding.

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Which do you prefer to use?


The app
The site
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How many of us are using the app yet?

I'm using the app
I'm not using it yet.
It doesn't install on my phone

Unigoal Official page

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