Nigerian Students And Quarantine

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Corona and Nigerian students ,their feelings towards being cooped up in the same house house as their parents, the events that led to this situation, their hope and the ever present boredom.

     All was well, as well as it could be when one was writing exams. This was the case until ASUU embarked on a two week warning strike on the 9th of March 2020. Students received this news with mixed reactions. Some were overjoyed at the brief reprieve while others wanted to finish their exams first. Nevertheless, everyone went home with the thought that in a few weeks everything would go back to normal. 

       Sadly, this was not the case. Nigeria had her first case of corona virus on the 27th of February 2020. This was not taken seriously by students until all primary, secondary and tertiary institutions were shut down indefinitely due to the pandemic. Again, this was recieved with mixed reactions . Someone said "Now,  I can finally get fat".

     Today however, there are no mixed feelings on the part of students with regards to this lock-down. They are all tired of staying at home and want to go back to school. Boredom and annoying parents being the foremost reasons. Honestly, i share these sentiments, I'll probably kill a cow when school reopens. 

     A few weeks ago, it was thought that schools will be reopened on the 4th of May. But the only thing of consequence happening on that day is the partial lifting of the lock-down in certain areas. I'm sure the residents intend to fly that day. 

   It is now redundant to ask a student how their day went because the reply is usually "Boring" as many of the students spend their day in front of the television or on their phones interacting with each other via social media, making videos,  participating in online challenges, trying to make money via various online platforms, creating and sharing corona related memes, e.t.c. A friend of mine considered dancing naked to get a bit of excitement. I considered it too but I'm not that daring so I eat, read, write and whatsapp instead. 

    Some schools have decided to make use of the internet and social media to continue imparting knowledge. A decision that students resent due to the expenses involved and the fact that not everyone has access to the internet among other things. As a friend said, "This thing is just plain stress".

     Fact is, Now one knows how long this pandemic will last. So it's imperative that everyone takes the necessary steps to prevent the spread of covid-19. It is our sincere hope that things go back to normal soon so everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. But until then, stay safe. 

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Every student must have been tired of staying at home. But I advise that the students make judicious use of the stay at home while it lasts

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True talk

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lol true sha

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This is nice

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