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How to see pictures on your Facebook page without using your data.

If you have been seeking for a way to start viewing pictures on your Facebook account while you are on free mode,this write up is for you.  Facebook as we all know is one of the largest social security with so many users from different parts of the world.  Some networks Are able to help their customers or their users by granting them access to use Facebook even when they don't have data or they have runned out of data bundle.  The network that offers this free Facebook to their users are MTN, AIRTEL and ETISALAT which is presently called 9MOBILE.  So almost all the networks in Nigeria offers this free mode on Facebook to their customers except GLO network which haven't start it.  If you want to start seeing pictures on Facebook even when you don't have data,just do this simple tricks and you will start seeing pictures in free mobile.  Firstly you have to download Facebook lite app or if you have one already you can use it.  Secondly,open the Facebook lite app and login to your account,after that go out from the app and off your data.  Head straight to your setting and look for the section of "APPS", open it and scroll down to your Facebook lite app and then open.  Clear the app data and go out from the app,refresh your phone and then turn ON your mobile data.  Open the Facebook lite app but this time the app won't open but don't worry your self,just go out from the app again and refresh your phone.  Then open the app and you will see that all the pictures will be showing.

Faviii Junior 6 months ago