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How to make your smart-phone last longer

It is so annoying that you bought a phone of 30k or 40k and its battery don't stay as much longer as expected. This had been no. 1 problem to some phone users especially when you have power failure. Our phone is what we need to be always on so we can communicate whenever there is an emergency but we end up loosing some information because of battery issues.

Now these are the problems of our battery and some of them is being caused by the person that is using the phone.


1. Charging your phone always: Many people have this issue of charging phones as far as there is power in their house. When you charge your phone always and you don't allow it to go down at all all in the name to charge phone this damages your battery and it won't last longer months of doing this act.


How to prevent this: Don't charge your phone always when your phone reaches 99% plug it out instead don't use it at that moment until there is power failure so to enjoy the battery of your phone


2. Background apps: some people fall into this trap and it is power consumable. That apps that you exit is being saved in the background of your android phone, if you don't clean those apps, it consumes your battery percentage but you don't really know, when you check some people's phone background you will see as many apps as you can see, this can even end up hanging your phone and make it to perform slowly.


How to prevent this: press the bottom left button or long press the middle button to bring out background apps, then clear the apps with a small brush like tool then all will disappear and give your phone the best performance ever.


3. Power saver: when your battery don't last longer you can just on the power saver of your battery it reduces some performance of your activities and this will help your phone battery last longer at least..


4. Battery run down: many people always use their phone till it is 0% and the phone switches off by itself trust me if you do this continually you will not get the best out of your battery.


How to prevent this: use your phone when it reaches like 20 or 15% you leave it until you charge it, then you start using it again.


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