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Easy Currency Farming With Delirium Maps in POE 3.10

Easy Currency Farming With Delirium Maps in POE 3.10

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There is so much information available on how to efficiently farm POE Currency and make banks

There is so much information available on how to efficiently farm POE Currency and make banks. It was a bit overwhelming for me as I just got back to PoE this league. I started around the time when the incursion race began (20 days ago), and 4 days into the race, I noticed that there was this guy with a headhunter and a full set of gears on the top of the ladder. I was very curious about how he amassed so much fortune in such a short time. I wanted to know what he did, so I decided to try out every method of farming on Reddit / youtube to see how I could farm as efficiently as these top tier players.

Map LayoutThe fist thing that you should look out for when attempting to maximize your Delirium profits is the map layout that you’re selecting. The recent changes have a heavily nerf to the amount of health and damage scaling the monsters get later into the Delirium, so the absolute best map layouts are ones that are either very long and linear or very wide and open. For open maps closed-off or laybrinth maps are going to heavily frustrate you if you attempt to fully clear them as the Delirium doesn’t really care about walls, it just goes outwards at a standard pace. So stick to linear and open maps.

Delirium Mobs SpawnThe next thing to understand is how delirium mobs actually spawn. This is one of the most confusing aspects of the entirely but to get the most spawns possible. You have to do two things, the first is to make sure that you are walking over top of every single area in the entirely of the map delirium mobs. A normal maps will most of the time only spawn after you have walked through that area. So make a not to zigzag back and forth through a zone to spawn these enemies and then come back to kill them after they’ve spawned. In addition, you will see many different types of environmental objects that have varying effects and this is the second way to maximize your Delirium kills. So the striped melon looking orbs will spawn weak delirium mobs that are easy to kill the bulbous orbs with no stripes will spawn heat-seeking Death missiles, that are the bane of any and all melee builds and should be avoided at all costs.

Killing Mobs And Picking Up Loot The next thing is what your goal should be while you’re actually clearing through the Delirium. Now obviously killing mobs and picking up loot is the end goal. But what else is there to look out for in general. I would say the most important things to look out for our Legion stones blight encounters incursions and beyond in that order everything else is still worth doing. But these encounters are a huge source of Delirium bar progression as well as drops. If you're particularly looking to maximize the amount of simulacrum shards that drop the major sources of these are boss monsters of the maps, and the two unique Delirium mobs that can spawn onomatopoeia and mental psychosis. Recently, these bosses have been heavily nerfed, so if you see them spawn, you may actually be able to kill them this time.

Farming Tier 1 or Tier 16 Maps With Delirium OrbsAbout what to actually do to maximize your profit, you can make solid amounts of currency almost anywhere and at any skill level. Farming tier 1 white maps or juice up tier 16 maps with Delirium orbs, you can make currency doing all of these things. If you're just starting out in Path of Exile and you're just hitting maps and want something easy to help you get a bit more money for gear to smooth out that difficulty curve that harbour bridge is actually a solid spot to farm. Mo matter how much the naysayers are saying, it isn't the goal, just kill as many monsters as you can and run through the entire zone with your only goal being to fill up the bar at the bottom as quickly as possible and then repeat by exiting the zone and holding ctrl while clicking the entrance to make a new map.

Farming Low-Tier MapsIf you're a bit more experienced, you can upgrade to farming low-tier maps for delirium rewards. Focus on clearing through the map with efficiency and not attempting to kill every single monster, maybe 80% of the map as your main goal should be making it to the boss in time to kill them for the additional simulacrum shards. For advanced players, one of the absolutely most lucrative options, if you're able to handle Heights your red maps is to utilize the Delirium orbs, you start seeing drop towards the end of the game, these orbs provide a much different Delirium experience, the standard open portal run as fast as you can, kill everything with Delirium orbs, the entire map is set at a certain amount of Delirium and as you fill up the bar and reach each threshold, an explosion of loot happens.

You also are much more likely to see your boy onomatopoeia or psychosis here and if you choose the right Delirium orbs you can make some serious Bank. Probably the most lucrative option out of them is the skittering Delirium orb which drops scarabs. But people are starting to catch on to this and the price is gonna go up, so do it now while you can.

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