About Unigoal
Unigoal is an Online earning social media website where you meet friends for dating,Find relationship and enjoy your social life

At Unigoal, we believe that every user is a part of the social media ecosystem and as such need to take part of the revenue from social media.

Our goal to have anyone who spends time on social media earn from it, moved us to create Unigoal.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of questions to help new members understand the basics of Unigoal.


What is Unigoal?

Unigoal is a revenue share social network where you earn from your activity. You also get to earn affiliate commissions from the people you refer to Unigoal when the subscribe to any of our PRO plans.

Who can join our site?

Any person aged 18 or over may join and participate on Unigoal.

How do I contact someone if my question isn't listed here?

Please use the form on the "Contact Us" page to contact us.

Is there any fee or cost associated with joining Unigoal?

Unigoal is 100% free on registration. 

However, there are various upgrade packages. ranking from Star to VIP.

Each package has its own features and upgrading depends on the user's choice. Keep in mind that we make no promises about the amount of money you will earn on Unigoal.

Are there limitations on how many accounts I can register on Unigoal?

Yes, users are to maintain one account on the network. Multiple accounts will be deleted from the network without warning and all earnings will be lost.

Are there any minimum activity requirements? Will my account be deleted if I am inactive?

We currently only require that login at least once every 28 days. We currently do not have any requirements for posting articles as of this time. Just logging in will consider your account "active" and not in danger of being removed.


What can I write about?

You can write about anything you want, so long as it follows our Rules and Acceptable Use Policy. We strive to maintain a family friendly environment as much as possible so we would ask to be mindful of sensitive topics.

Please note that what qualifies as "SPAM" is at our sole discretion.


How do I earn money?

All you need to do is stay active on Unigoal. You achieve this by reacting, sharing and commenting on other people's posts, creating your own posts either on your profile or as a blog post or via the forums.

You will earn points which are automatically transferred into your earning wallet. When you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold, you can now request for payment to your bank account or redeem your earnings through any of the designated products in the Unigoal Marketplace.

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout is currently $20.00 (Twenty US Dollars). Note that earnings are paid based on the our currently fixed Naira to Dollar value of NGN400. 

How long does it take to receive payment?

You should receive your payments within 72 hours. Depending on the availability of funds from advertisers, this might take longer; but this is our current goal.

How can I request a payout?

When you have reached or crossed the minimum payout amount, the low earning warning on the Payments page will disappear. Fill in your email address and the amount you want to withdraw then click on the Request Withdrawal button. This process is not automatic and will be subject to review before funds are released. If we find any issues then we will contact you to inform you of our findings before any payment will be made. We reserve the right to not pay out if we find any problems with your activity. We will not pay any money to any user who has any outstanding issues.

What options are available for payout?

We currently only support Paypal and Bank Wire transfer. Please check the Payment page for the most updated option after you have reached the minimum threshold.


Where can I find my referral link?

Once you are logged in, you can find it in the Affiliates page that is under the Earnings menu. On that page, you will also see the users who have signed up through your referral link.

Where am I allowed to post my referral link?

We put no restrictions on where you may post and advertise your referral links. However, please be mindful of the policies of the sites you are posting them on.

How long does it take to receive the referral commission?

The referral commission is automatically added to your earnings.

Community Moderation

What do I do if I find an article that violates the rules?

We would ask that you first contact the author of the article first, in an attempt to alert them to the rules. This may be accomplished by a comment on the article. If that does not work, then we would ask you contact support and include the link to the article and the rule that has been violated.


I see malicious ads on your website!

We do apologize for any malicious ads that appear on our website, and we will work with our ad networks to remove these from appearing on our site if at all possible. However, people with malicious intent purchase random domains when one gets blocked, so it becomes a game of "whack-a-mole".

However, we would ask that you take a screenshot of any malicious advertisements and include the domain they are attempting to send you too. We will send this information to our ad networks in an attempt to block those ads from showing up for any other users.

Terms of Payments

UNIGOAL summarizes the current earnings at the last day of every month and it's only eligible for withdrawal at the 29th of the next month. 

Minimum withdrawal is NGN10 000 for Nigerians and $20 for non-Nigerians.

In the case where the current balance does not sum up to the minimum withdrawal limit after summarisation at the end of the month, balance will be rolled over to the next month and summarized in that month and if the minimum quota is attained, withdrawal will only be eligible for the next month. 

Payments are sent via skrill account ( or bank accounts for Nigerians) with exchange rate at NGN350. 

Bloggers' Terms of Service

A blogger's post with a maximum word count of 3000 may not be accepted, except in a few cases where it contains precise details. 

All articles are submitted for fact-checking and scrutiny before approval. 

Plagiarized articles will not be approved. 

Only well detailed and factual information will be approved as a blog article. 

Terms of Earnings

UNIGOAL exchange rate for earned payments is NGN350. 

The exchange rate for upgrading of packages and any incoming payments is NGN400. 

New accounts can only be eligible to accumulate 100-200 points daily.

Accounts eligible for daily unlimited earnings must at least be from 300 hundred followers. 

Once your account is eligible for monetization (i.e earning more), write to us and we will activate your unlimited daily earnings, until then you can only earn 100-200 daily points. 

Points systems can be viewed in settings. 

Upgrades and advertising can be done with points earned. And every user gets a 50% bonus of his/her refferal's upgrade package.

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